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1st Nov 2022

Instagram Accidentally Suspends Millions of Users

Welcome to the first official episode of the all-new Good Morning Podcasters. Not sure if you experienced this, but millions of users got BOOTED from their accounts. Turns out, it was just a glitch, but a lot of people and podcasters (hey, podcasters are people, too!) were feeling the heartburn.

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I'm Fuzz Martin and this is the all-new Good Morning Podcasters. Good morning, how's your day going? If you're just tuning in I, along with Jeff Townsend of Jeff Townsend Media, recently purchased Good Morning Podcasters from Tanner Campbell. If you want to learn about me and what we plan to do with the show, this show and also Podcasting Sucks, hop on over and check out the trailer to this show. By the way, this show is currently propagating to the various pod catchers. So stay tuned. And of course, subscribe, please.

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The funniest part about the whole thing was that Instagram had to hop on to Twitter to tell everybody the news and apologize, their tweet read. we've resolved this bug now it was causing people in different parts of the world to have issues accessing their accounts, and caused a temporary change for some in number of followers. Sorry, with that, like dazed smiley face or like confused face.

Fuzz Martin 1:51

Things seem to be back up and running today. Crisis averted. This is an issue that happens with Meta brands every so often, where they'll have either a mass lockout or things will go down for a while it for only for some people. We've had it happen where, you know, we're running a big ad campaign and a group of our employees gets locked out and they can't get into adjust or stop the campaign. So hopefully that didn't happen to anybody through Instagram. I don't think that's possible, necessarily.

Fuzz Martin 2:20

That said, if something like this does happen to you unexpectedly, don't panic. First, go to the internet and see if other people are having this issue. If they are, then that means you're not alone. You could wait it out. It'll be fine. Everybody's dealing with it. Put down your phone for a bit, go for a walk. However, if people aren't talking about it, well that it might be time to panic. If you need to find some way to get a hold of somebody. Good luck.

Fuzz Martin 2:49

I hope the Instagram outage didn't cause you too much heartburn, at least that as much heartburn as people are having on Twitter right now over the sale of Twitter, though I know a lot of you wanted to probably post some Halloween content and may have had issues doing so.

Fuzz Martin 3:05

That'll do it for episode one of the all new Good Morning Podcasters follow the show on Twitter at @GMPodcasters. You can also follow me on Twitter separately at @FuzzMartin. And we will talk to you later this week on the all new Good morning podcasters

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