Episode 32

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11th Jan 2023

Exploring Advertising Strategies for Your Podcast

Different types of ads do different types of things. Today, we explore the differences between awareness-type ads and intent-type ads (sometimes called consideration ads).

Awareness vs. Intent Advertising

While there can certainly be a gray area between the two, awareness ads are designed to make an audience familiar with a brand, product, service, show, etc.

Intent-based advertising is designed to get people who are already familiar with a brand, product, service, show, etc. to take an intended action.

Examples of Awareness vs. Intent

Let's use the auto industry as a familiar example. Let's say Jeep launches a new vehicle that nobody has ever seen before. They promote the launch of this vehicle with:

  • TV ads
  • Radio spots
  • YouTube pre-roll videos
  • Billboards
  • Broad-based banner ads on websites

Those are all examples of awareness-based ads. They're ads designed to warm up an audience and make them familiar with that new product.

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Now let's say they start running:

  • Google Search ads
  • Dealer ads for where you can buy this new Jeep
  • Emails to existing Jeep customers
  • Direct-mail encouraging customers to take a test drive

These are all examples of intent-based ads, since the potential customer is likely already familiar and past the education phase of a campaign.

How does this relate to podcasting?

There are a few ways these examples relate to podcasting. If you are advertising your show to a broad audience through promo swaps, banner ads, YouTube preroll ads, etc., in order to make that audience aware of your show for the first time, that would be awareness advertising.

If you were advertising specifically searching for your niche of show, let's say I advertised Good Morning Podcasters to those who searched for "how to market your podcast," that would be an example of an intent-based ad.

Start with a goal

When determining what mix of what kinds of ads you should be running, you should always start with your goal. Who do I want to reach? Those who already know about my show or those who have not yet heard of my show?

Then use advertising platforms that will be most likely to achieve those goals. You'll also want to develop ad creative—whether that's a promo swap, banner ad, video, etc.—that is most likely to connect with the audience you're targeting.

When you step back, set goals, and then work to reach those goals, you'll spend less money and get better results.

Stuck? Just ask.

If you ever have a question, reach out and ask. I love looking at a problem from the outside and providing a solution. You can email me by going to the contact page on GoodMorningPod.com or DM me @gmpodcasters.


Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good Morning Podcasters let's talk about a couple of different types of advertising.

Fuzz Martin 0:09

Hello, I'm Fuzz Martin and this is Good Morning Podcasters thank you for joining me today on the 31st episode of GMP. On today's episode, I'm going to discuss advertising strategies, particularly awareness versus intent. We'll talk about what those terms mean, and how they're important to your podcast. But first, I'm going to give you an example of awareness advertising.

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So do you see how that works? I was making you aware of a brand. Awareness is pretty simple to understand. As it relates to advertising. It refers to the extent to which consumers or listeners are familiar with your brand product service or say your podcast. This can include something as basic as knowing about your show being familiar with it. Or even being able to recall specific details about your show that's awareness. The goal of awareness campaigns and advertising is to increase familiarity. In this case with your show, and make it top of mind for your potential listeners when it comes to an awareness campaign to promote your podcast. That could include things like promo swaps, Network ads, banner ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, billboards, television, radio, any sort of mass media or advertising newspaper. Anything you want to do to reach a wide audience that does not likely know about your podcast.

Fuzz Martin 2:56

Conversely, pretty much any of the advertising that you do on your show, so your host read ads, interviews you do with different people who are trying to sell something, whether that's a service or a book, or an upcoming event, programmatic spots that you may run in your show through your hosting platform. Those are all examples of awareness advertising.

Fuzz Martin 3:20

Intent, on the other hand, is how we describe advertising or marketing toward people who are already in the know and ready to take action. Or as we might say, they intend to take a specific action goals of an intent based campaign would be to get a potential listener to take the next step toward becoming an actual listener. Whether that's by going to your website or going to your Apple podcasts page. Let's give an example of what we would call a potential listener that would benefit from intent based advertising.

Fuzz Martin 3:59

pe in new True Crime podcasts:

Fuzz Martin 5:34

There are also some ads called lead generation ads are lead gen ads that are designed to get people to sign up for things like your newsletter provide their information for a giveaway, or sweepstakes, or for some sort of demo, those are all examples of intent or consideration advertising. And also when someone signs up for your emails, they have the intent to follow your show and are likely to listen to your show. So that would be considered intense advertising as well. When you send out an email to that group.

Fuzz Martin 6:04

If you're going to advertise your podcast, which style of advertising should you choose? Well, depends on the right answers, probably a mix. I advertise Good Morning Podcasters, through Reddit ads on subreddits, like our podcasting, or our Adobe Audition, because I know the people who are in those subreddits are there with the intention of finding information about podcasting and audio editing, those kinds of things. So to me, that would be considered intent advertising. I basically know who those people are, and why they're there in that spot at that time. I also run ads on Facebook and Instagram to a wider audience of people who are likely not on those sites looking for information about podcasting, but have podcasting as an interest. Because that's a wider audience that I want to become familiar with Good Morning Podcasters. I would consider that awareness advertising. And there's obviously gray area in between all of those.

Fuzz Martin 7:10

Your strategy should always start with your goal. And then use a mix of tactics to get there if you want to increase newsletter signups definitely going to be intent based advertising. You want to increase awareness about your show, obviously, it's in the title awareness advertising. I'll just put this out there. If you ever have a question about advertising, or if you ever want me to give you some advice on what kind of advertising you should be spending your money on, feel free to shoot me a DM on Twitter gmpodcasters or you can email me Fuzz at Good morning pod.com. And if I can, I'll help point you in the right direction.

Fuzz Martin 7:53

That'll do it for today's episode of Good Morning Podcasters I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please consider dropping a five star review on GoodPods, Apple podcasts, Spotify Podchaser or just you know, drop five stars on a whiteboard and send me a photo that makes me feel good and makes me feel like what I'm doing is working. Also, be sure to follow the show if you're not already. New episodes come on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and speaking of Friday, I'll speak to you on Friday, right here on Good Morning Podcasters

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