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27th Nov 2022

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Welcome to the Good Morning, Podcasters! podcast. Each weekday, Good Morning, Podcasters! explores topics on marketing, advertising, social media, and public relations as they relate to podcasting. The show is hosted by Fuzz Martin. Fuzz is a partner and the Chief Strategy Officer at EPIC Creative—a mid-sized advertising agency near Milwaukee, Wis.

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Welcome to Good Morning, Podcasters! This is a daily podcast that looks at marketing, advertising, public relations and social media topics as they relate to podcasting. Who am I? My name is Fuzz Martin. I am a partner at EPIC Creative, an advertising agency near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Join me each weekday as we dig into topics that will hopefully help you become better at promoting your podcast and getting in front of new audiences. I also publish a weekly newsletter on the subject called Good Morning, Inbox available at Be sure to subscribe you can also find the show on YouTube and at Thanks for listening and we'll talk to you again real soon right here on Good Morning, Podcasters!

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Good Morning Podcasters!
Marketing, Advertising, PR and Social Media Tips for Podcasters
Good Morning Podcasters explores marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media topics as they relate to podcasting and content creation. The show is hosted by Fuzz Martin—an agency owner and former broadcaster. The show is published on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with regular bonus episodes of "Podcasting Sucks!" with co-host Jeff Townsend on Saturday mornings.

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Fuzz Martin

Fuzz Martin is a partner and Chief Strategy Officer at EPIC Creative in West Bend, Wis.