Episode 19

Published on:

5th Dec 2022

Hive Social Suffers Massive Data Leak

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, a lot of people and brands have been experimenting with different social media platforms. Of those, I've currently been playing around with:

  • Mastodon
  • Post.News
  • Hive Social

Well, a story from Gizmodo on Friday reported that German security blog Zerforschung discovered Hive Social has suffered a massive data leak. The social media platform shut their servers down last Thursday to prevent further access.

It appears we have hugged Hive Social to death and they weren't ready for prime time.

On this episode, we explore Mastodon, Post.News, Hive Social, and discuss why it's a good idea to sign up for these platforms even if you aren't sure you're going to use them (just don't use the same password on every site...ever).

Links to the things we discussed this episode:

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good morning, podcasters. If you are thinking of getting into Hive Social, it appears they're having some problems.

Fuzz Martin 0:10

Thanks for tuning in to Good Morning, "odcasters. I'm your host Fuzz Martin, I was planning this morning to talk to you about some of the new social media platforms, and what to expect out of them. But it looks like one in particular, is having some growing pains.

Fuzz Martin 0:24

s. So now it feels a bit like:

Fuzz Martin 1:17

I've tried Mastodon, but it's kind of hard to wrap your head around how to use it or what server to join. For instance, a few months ago, I had received an invite to the podcast index server, and then decided to sign on when everyone was talking about jumping ship off of Twitter. However, I don't know if the podcast index people actually want me using that handle for general use.

Fuzz Martin 1:41

So even though I signed up, I haven't been Mastodon kind of feels like we're crashing some geeky kids party while his parents are out of town. And then as Twitter users are, you know, in there, knocking over vases and puking on the rug, I'm pretty sure the OG Mastodon users who like it there, don't like all the added traffic. And they especially don't like seeing people like us trying to make Mastodon turn into Twitter.

Fuzz Martin 2:07

Post News is a really neat program. It's still very much in beta. But the fonts, the layout, the way images are displayed, it's really nice and clean, it makes you feel like you're reading the New York Times or Washington Post while you're reading social media. With posts, you can sign up for the beta and they're letting people in every day but they seem to be vetting users before they let them onto the platform. There is no app for post news yet. It's currently just a browser based site, though they do give you instructions on how to download a safari shortcut that looks like an app if you're an iPhone user. But the one thing I really don't like currently about post news is that it doesn't give you notifications. So it lacks that interaction unless you're actually going in and reviewing your own posts to see if anybody's liked or commented. But again, it's in beta. They're very vocal about it being in beta. And I think of the new platforms post news probably has the most potential.

Fuzz Martin 3:03

And then there's Hive Social, I want so much to like Hive Social. It's colorful, it feels like another version of Twitter, you know, it's got that microblog kind of feel to it. It does have an app, it's still very much in its infancy stage. It's really easy to find and light people on the app. However, Hive Social recently had a massive data leak, which is either going to set them back greatly or kill the platform entirely. According to Gizmodo hive has been forced to pull its servers offline due to a data breach hive social had seen 1 million plus users growth in the span of one week. Following Musk's takeover of Twitter, Gizmodo pointed to a German security blog called Zerforschung, which said, quote, the issues we reported allow any attacker to access all data including private posts, private messages, shared media, and even deleted direct messages. This also includes private email addresses and phone numbers entered during login. attackers can also overwrite data such as posts owned by other users, yikes.

Fuzz Martin 4:18

In response to that Hive Social shut its servers down on Thursday. So if you're planning on signing up, you might want to wait because you have to because the servers are down. But you also might want to reconsider altogether. I would delete my account, but I can't get on the server to delete my account. And according to this, who knows if it actually would even be deleted. So it appears those of us who are trying this out are hugging Hive Social to death. We'll see if it turns back around.

Fuzz Martin 4:46

t. Again, these are tips from:

Fuzz Martin 5:10

But again, sometimes stuff happens and your data leaks. If you're using the same password on every platform like consider, first of all, not doing that. And second of all, consider changing your passwords everywhere. And if you're using your personal cell phone number to sign up for these things, you might want to consider using Google Voice or some other third party phone number system. In order to keep yourself from leaking your personal phone number out. I'll link to the Gizmodo and Verforschung articles in the shownotes.

Fuzz Martin 5:41

Thank you for listening to Good Morning, Podcasters. Again, I'm going to be stepping back the frequency of the show to about three times per week as I focus on quality, not quantity. And also focus on some of the other responsibilities in my life. Find all the episodes on goodmorningpod.com And I'll talk to you in a couple of days. Right here on Good Morning, Podcasters.

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