Episode 48

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20th Feb 2023

Is Spoutible a Viable Twitter Alternative?

I absolutely love trying new social media platforms. When Bot Sentinel's new social media platform, Spoutible, became available to the public, I signed up as soon as I could.

For those who have used Twitter, Spoutible has a very familiar interface:

  • Tweets = Spouts
  • Retweets = Echoes
  • Quote Tweets = Quote Spouts
  • Likes = Likes

Spouts are limited to 300 characters, but your are able to edit your Spouts for up to 7 minutes after they've been, uh, Spouted. You can only edit a Spout once.

Unlike Twitter, there is no algorithm. Everything is currently chronological. Only "Echoing" a Spout will make it seen by others that aren't currently following you. Also, since it is run by Bot Sentinel, each Spout has a bot score. So far, I've only seen "Normal 0%" on posts.

At the moment, Spoutible lacks the ability to create Lists, upload videos, and there is currently no mobile app—but they're working on it.

Will Spoutible be a viable alternative to Twitter? Time will only tell. But for now, I'm having fun in the social media platform du jour.

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good Morning Podcasters there's a new social media platform in town, and I kinda like it.

Fuzz Martin 0:08

Hello, podcasting friends. Thank you for joining me on today's episode of Good Morning Podcasters. My apologies for the lack of a third episode last week. Work was extra worky last week and that comes first. Thank you for understanding.

Fuzz Martin 0:24

reminds me a lot of the early:

Fuzz Martin 1:48


Fuzz Martin 2:05

When you get in there, you'll see that the platform is very Twitter like and will be very familiar to you if you're already a Twitter user. Instead of tweeting you send spouts or spout off as they call it. Read tweets are called Echoes, quote, tweets are called quote Spouts. And likes are called likes. The content on Spoutible is short form, just like Twitter, you get 300 characters per spout, you're able to edit your spouts once within seven minutes of posting. Oh, and there's no algorithm it's like the olden days of social media where content flows chronologically. Some people are raving about that. I actually think it might lead to some old school spam tactics, but we'll see how it goes. One thing that is enjoyable about Spoutible is that it shows an Accounts Bot Sentinel score on each spouse. So if users do start abusing the chronological timeline, that program might nick them for being a bot. You can however, go to the making waves section in the menu and see what is trending.

Fuzz Martin 3:04

Spoutible definitely has more transparency features than Twitter, for instance, there's a little trashcan icon on each spout. And if an author deletes some replies to their spouts, it will show you how many replies that author has deleted. There is currently no Spoutible app. If you're using Safari on an iPhone, you can create a shortcut app. It works really well in browser at the moment. But they promise them Android and Apple apps are coming soon.

Fuzz Martin 3:31

Spoutible is also missing some other things like lists and the ability to upload videos. But that's just because it's still in the early phase of the platform. And those will be here soon. I'm sure. Time will only tell if Spoutible takes off. It will also only tell if I continue to use the platform but it's fun at the moment. And so as post news and hive and mastodon. One thing I've always recommended to people is that when a new social media platform comes out, even if you're not planning on using it all that often, you should pick up your appropriate handles for the brands that you manage early on with these platforms. So even if you don't plan on using it, you might want to go get your podcasts handle or your personal handle just to make sure that nobody else picks that up. In case spousal blows up. And you know, you don't want somebody squatting on your name.

Fuzz Martin 4:23

If you'd like to check out my account and follow me on Spoutible, my handle is at Fuzz Martin. You can also go to spoutible.com/fuzzMartin to see that.

Fuzz Martin 4:33

And that will do it for today's episode of Good Morning. Podcasters do me a favor. While you're here. Please click on the Follow button and your podcast player. You episodes of Good Morning Podcasters come out every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. And you can find all of the episodes at goodmorningpod.com Thank you for listening, and I'll talk to you again on Wednesday. Right here on Good Morning Podcasters

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