Episode 12

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21st Nov 2022

Podcast Listenership During the Holidays

It's Thanksgiving week in the U.S. Are you podcasting this week? Should you be? Let's take a look at the data.

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Good morning podcasters Are you putting out an episode this week? Let's talk about podcasting and holidays. My name is Fuzz Martin and this is the all new Good Morning, Podcasters!

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It's Thanksgiving week in the United States. That means millions of people will be traveling. AAA is predicting that 48 point 7 million Americans will be traveling more than 50 miles by car for Thanksgiving this year. Another 4.5 million will go through the air. So are you taking a week off of posting a new episode this week? Do you think that's a good idea? It's obviously your call and you deserve a holiday too.

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odoo Media Services in May of:

Fuzz Martin 1:38

Obviously, people are listening in the car, I'm guessing if they're traveling with family and kids, their listening habits might change a bit. For instance, if your podcast contains expletives, you may see a bit of a dip during that travel time if people are traveling with family. If your podcast is business related, there's a chance you could take a dip as well.

Fuzz Martin 1:58

But let's think of some of the places where people might be listening while they're spending time off for the holidays. Some are gonna listen while they're in the kitchen cooking green bean casserole which is by the way, the number one best thanksgiving dish hands down, or maybe second to stuffing. They may be listening more in their downtime as they go for a walk to get away from screaming kids or go to the gym to walk off all that extra pumpkin pie. They might just have some more personal time where they can do things they enjoy and hopefully listening to your podcast is one of those things.

Fuzz Martin 2:27

Again, you are completely entitled to time off. It's your show your choice. But if you're on the fence, don't squander the opportunity put on an episode.

Fuzz Martin 2:39

I'll be off the rest of the week. I'm just kidding. We'll have two more episodes at least this week. I hope you'll listen while you're on your way to or from your family's place. And I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Fuzz Martin 2:49

Be sure to check out my latest Good Morning Inbox newsletter. This week. I give you ways that you can promote your podcast that aren't Twitter. You can find me on myspace.com/fuzzmartin, I'm just kidding. I'm still on Twitter @gmpodcasters links to the studies and information we heard available on GoodMorningPod.com You can also find me now on Instagram @goodmorningpod. Thanks for listening and we'll talk to you soon right here on Good Morning, odcasters!

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