Episode 9

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14th Nov 2022

Posting Audio to Static Images in Instagram

Instagram rolled out a new feature last week that could be cool, but it is likely just a big distraction to us podcasters. You can now add audio to static images in your Instagram Feed.

Yep. That's the tool. Audio with static images.

Will it eventually be useful? Maybe. But as of right now it's going to take a lot of finagling to get it to work in a remotely okay way for podcasters. Maybe they'll give you the ability to upload audio, soon, and that would make it infinitely more effective. Until then, perhaps you'll find a good way to use it with your show.

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good morning. Happy Monday, Podcasters Welcome to the all new Good Morning, Podcasters with the new host. My name is Fuzz Martin. I'm a Marketing, PR, and advertising guy who just also happens to love all things audio.

Fuzz Martin 0:19

Instagram is rolling out new tools. They do this all the time. Sometimes they make tools that are helpful to podcasters. And sometimes they make tools that end up being a distraction for podcasters. What is this tool I'm talking about this week? Well, it could be either one of those two things.

Fuzz Martin 0:35

Last week, Instagram rolled out the ability for you to post audio along with your static image posts. So that is you can post music or different sounds, along with a static image in your newsfeed. If you want to play around with it, go to posts like you normally would then click on the photo before you share it, click Add music and you search for the music or sound that you want. You can also look in their trending and for us sections by the way, nice use of stealing for you from TikTok, then select the song you want and the duration you want it to go. And boom, you're in business, you get between five and 90 seconds worth of audio to put into your static posts. And once you click Done and share, it's on your newsfeed.

Fuzz Martin 1:24

So down the road, this might be good for podcasters. But it's a little bit too soon to tell. I see it as a less cool version of an audiogram. I think if you're going to post something that was of quality for your audience, it would likely have some sort of video component along with the audio and I'll tell you this, it would actually be much easier for you to post that. Also audiograms aren't always super effective anyway, depending on your content and how engaging your audio grams are.

Fuzz Martin 1:54

The other part that makes this a challenge to be useful for podcasters is that it will be tough to get your podcast audio in there. Right now the only way you can really upload sounds into Instagram is through reels. So you would technically have to make the reel first and then use that sound you used in the reel later on in your static post. So this might be useful for a follow up image or perhaps a carousel full of different clips of different shows. But as of right now, I'm not seeing a ton of use for podcasters.

Fuzz Martin 2:29

Also, if you have your Instagram page set up as a professional page, you're gonna have even fewer sounds that you can use on your audio because of the limiting factor with licensing with music. But if you can figure it out, you might find some engaging uses for it. And I'd love to see some examples. So send them my way. You can tag me on Twitter with some different posts ideas or send me a DM. But again, I think that audio and static images sounds like another distraction. But I thought that you'd like to know that it's something that's available to you right now.

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This week in the all new Good Morning, Inbox newsletter, I give you 32 ways to grow your podcast newsletter subscriber counts. And now in a bit of pod-ception. I'm asking you to go sign up for my newsletter. To get there go to gmp.fm/news That's gmp.fm/news And again, this week's article is 32 ways to grow your podcasts subscriber count on your podcast newsletter. I'll be back tomorrow with more marketing advertising, social media and public relations ideas for your show. Right here on Good Morning podcasters

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