Episode 29

Published on:

4th Jan 2023

Sarah's Social Media Scandal: The Price of Fame

It may be tempting to purchase social media followers on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, before you fall to the Dark Side, listen to this little story about a fictional podcaster named "Sarah" who did just that.

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Good Morning, Podcasters! Time for a heartwarming story about buying social media followers.

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My name is Fuzz Martin and this is the all-new Good Morning Podcasters—a three-times-a-week show where we discuss marketing, social media, and public relations as those topics relate to podcasting, and content creation.

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ite that promised to give her:

Fuzz Martin 3:01

count had indeed increased by:

Fuzz Martin 3:44

The algorithm tanked. She also realized that buying followers was against the terms of service for most of the social media platforms, and she could get her account banned if she was caught.

Fuzz Martin 3:55

Sarah learned her lesson and decided to focus on building a genuine and engaged following through authentic interactions and marketing efforts. She knew that it would take more time and effort, but she was willing to put in the work to build a strong and genuine social media presence for her show.

Fuzz Martin 4:15

And then she spent an entire weekend blocking the bots that she bought, because there's no easy way to undo the damage if you buy likes or follows.

Fuzz Martin 4:26

Don't be like Sarah, do the work. I know it can be tempting to have a quick fix or compete with those who seem to have a bigger following but it's important that you build a genuine and engaged following through authentic content through interaction with your fans and followers, while also respecting the terms of service of the social media platforms that you're on. Yes, I know this is hard work, but there is no easy button.

Fuzz Martin 4:57

That's it. That's today's show. If you have a question for me reach out fuzz at Good morning pod.com. And you can find all the episodes of Good Morning Podcasters at goodmorningpod.com. And while you've got this episode up in your podcast player, please consider clicking the follow button and also leaving me a five star review. I'd appreciate it. It's really easy to do. And if you do it, you'll get Good Morning Podcasters in your pod player every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And with that, we'll talk to you on Friday. Right here on Good Morning Podcasters thanks for listening

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