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20th Jan 2023

Website Buyer's Remorse

Website Buyer's Remorse

Good morning, podcasters! When I took over this show, I immediately decided I didn't want to spend a bunch of time editing a website, so I built a Squarespace site. The site itself took about a full day to make and it looked pretty good. However, it took forever to create a separate blog post for the website and make sure that the episode had the latest player on it.

After about 20 episodes using Squarespace, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. So, I moved over to PodcastPage.io.

PodcastPage.io automatically creates a new page when a new episode it published to my RSS feed. It will also do this for YouTube videos.

They have beautiful templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and all of the customization you need to make your site fit your brand and your listeners' needs.

On today's episode, I go through some more of those details and tell you how to you can have a great website while also saving time by using PodcastPage.io.


Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good Morning Podcasters! I had buyer's remorse about my website. So I changed it. Let's talk about it.

Fuzz Martin 0:11

I got here. Back in the early:

Fuzz Martin 1:17

So I took it upon myself to learn how to make a website. It was hard back then I ended up buying a copy of Microsoft front page on my own and put together a site for my show. At the time it was fuzz martin.com. And I learned how to make websites. I enjoyed the challenge a lot. I kept updating it. Then I moved from the front page to Dreamweaver.

Fuzz Martin 1:42

And then in:

Fuzz Martin 2:47

how sometime around August of:

Fuzz Martin 4:55

So once I got my account set up the new account for Good morning pod. It pulled will lead every episode into the system in a few minutes via my RSS feed. And then maybe it took two hours of sitting on the couch, customizing the pages and templates. Customization is really simple. They've got a number of different templates that you can choose from. They also have a really nice drag and drop editor for the non episode pages. I created a contact page with a form, it automatically pulls in my shows reviews and I created a reviews page, which I was able to customize the layout for. It has all of the search optimization tools that you need for a podcast website, including the ability to change your open graph and search results image, which I've talked about on a recent episode. There's also a full blog, I may implement that soon, but I don't have it up and running right now because again, I'm focusing on reducing my work time, you can import your YouTube channel. I'm not currently using that feature only because my YouTube channel is admittedly extremely mailed in at this point. I am directly feeding YouTube through a headliner app connection, and I put zero time into it. It is automated. I pay headliner like $30 a month and they automatically upload that to YouTube for me every single episode thanks headliner, but sorry to my one subscriber on YouTube. I hope you are okay knowing that cold hard truth, this video that you're watching right now, I put no time into the biggest reason I love this change over to podcast page.io is that it is so easy. After I record and edit this episode, I will upload it to my hosts which is Captivate and I will also simultaneously upload it to otter.ai to get the transcription process rolling. Then I will write my show description and a more thought out way that feels like a blog post. Once the transcription is done, I'll add that into Captivate. And I will schedule the episode.

Fuzz Martin 6:58

When the episode goes live podcast page.io will automatically pull in the new episode from the RSS feed. It'll turn it into a new page on the website. And we're up and running. Then in the morning, I will go to podcast page. I'll go to the new episode page and I'll add in my episode graphic my social sharing episode graphic again to the people who run RSS links put OpenGraph into the RSS feed. Also, by the way, I do a different social graphic than I do for the show graphic. I like to keep the episode graphic as the main album cover art for Good Morning Podcasters because I think the logo stands out more by itself in a podcast player. But on social media, then it looks different every time. It's just a matter of branding and tastes. You know, if you're looking to save some time without sacrificing pretty much anything in terms of customization, branding, or content creation, I highly recommend podcast page.io Glad I switched from my previous hosting platform. It's helping prevent pod fade for me frankly, if you're struggling with your time or the ability to create a good looking website without needing to know code or design, you'll enjoy it too. It's podcastpage.io.

Fuzz Martin 8:20

Thank you again for listening to Good Morning Podcasters you can find each and every one of these episodes at goodmorningpod.com Of course, hit the Follow button in your podcast player in order to get these delivered to your inbox whenever they come out, which is three times a week. The next episode of Good Morning Podcasters launches on Monday. We might even have a surprise podcast that sucks on Saturday. We'll see. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you either tomorrow or Monday. Right here on Good Morning podcasters

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