Episode 42

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3rd Feb 2023

Amazon Inspire and Podcasters

Good morning, Podcasters! Amazon is rolling out a new feature in their Amazon Shopping App called, "Inspire."

What is Amazon Inspire?

Inspire is a TikTok-like feed that will show Amazon shoppers content from influencers, reviewers, and brands. Shoppers can then click on the video or photo and buy the products that are being shown off by the influencer.

This is a great opportunity for podcasters like you to feature products that are related to your niche. For instance, I could create videos on all of the podcasting products that I love, and then I might be able to earn some of that sweet Bezos money without cluttering my website with affiliate links (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Where is Amazon Inspire Available?

Amazon Inspire is currently only available to select Amazon app users in the United States. It first rolled out in December of 2022, and more and more users will be getting it soon. The feature is only available in the mobile app and will not be available in desktop.

Who Can Post on Amazon Inspire?

Amazon has said that three categories of users may be eligible to be viewed on Amazon Inspire.

  • Amazon Influencers
  • Certain regular users who create reviews
  • Brands enrolled in the company's Brand Registry

The content will have like and share features like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Why Is Amazon Inspire Good for Podcasters?

Amazon Inspire might be a revenue generator for podcasters. If you create great content that gets picked up on Inspire, it could bring you a new revenue stream. And since it's a new program, you might be able to get in early and make a big splash in a small pond.

If this seems like something that will interest you, get after it.

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good Morning Podcasters! Amazon is launching a new feature that you might be able to capitalize on. So let's talk about it.

Fuzz Martin 0:13

Happy Friday podcaster I am glad to be in the company of other people who enjoy the sound of their own voice. It's okay, embrace it. Some people like the way they look in a mirror. Some people like how their brain works and some people like the sound of their own voice. And some people like all the above. That's great. I love to see that confidence in you. It looks great. Who am I? My name is Fuzz Martin, I appreciate you listening to Good Morning Podcasters. Today, I want to talk about a pretty cool new tool from Amazon that they're rolling out that might be beneficial for podcasters like you. And like me. The new Amazon Inspire feature is a Tiktok-like portion of the Amazon shopping app. According to its website. With Amazon inspire, you can easily discover and shop products personalized to your interests from other customers, the latest influencers and a wide range of brands.

Fuzz Martin 1:24

The program allows users to select their interests and then it will serve them with photos and video content from influencers like you that will encourage them to buy the things that you love.

Fuzz Martin 1:38

With Amazon inspire users will scroll through the app just like they do on Tik Tok. But then they can tap on it and buy the items that are being talked about by the people in the videos and photos in the feed. That portion is a pretty brilliant concept. Although of course, the user interface is pretty much a ripoff of Tiktok and Instagram, which were both ripoffs of vine. As Howard Stern once said, If you've stolen from me, you've stolen twice.

Fuzz Martin 2:13

Amazon Inspire is currently only available in the Amazon app, it will not be available on desktop, according to their new story. So how do you create for Inspire? Well, according to Amazon's websites, customers can inspire your fellow customers by submitting a product review, which may appear in Inspire. Those in the Amazon influencers program can have their photos and videos that are posted into the Amazon influencer storefront eligible to appear and inspire. And brands that are enrolled in the brand registry with an active brand store can have their photos that are posted to brand posts eligible to appear in Inspire.

Fuzz Martin 3:06

ink I started using Amazon in:

Fuzz Martin 4:03

ears. I think it went away in:

Fuzz Martin 4:43

Amazon inspire isn't very widespread yet it's coming. It might be a good opportunity for you as a podcaster to get in the little pond and make big waves early on. And then you might be able to make some cash talking about stuff you already love.

Fuzz Martin 5:00

Thanks for listening to Good Morning Podcasters all the episodes of this show are available at Good morning con.com Please be sure to follow the show on your favorite podcast player so that you get new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When they come out, speaking of new episodes, there will not be a new episode of podcasting sucks. On Saturday morning tomorrow morning because my wife is sick and she is using my home studio as her quarantine Central. And I wasn't going to be able to drive back to my office studio to talk to Jeff. Plus Jeff is recording a wrestler for one of his 17 other podcasts. So no podcasting sucks this Saturday, but we'll get to you. But we'll get you one soon. So I will be back on Monday. Right here on Good Morning Podcasters thanks for listening

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