Episode 25

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19th Dec 2022

Where did my money go? How much does it cost to podcast?

Welcome to the 24th episode of GMP! I'm Fuzz Martin, an advertising and marketing professional and former broadcaster. I appreciate you listening.

This week, I talk about what it costs to podcast.

I start with a pathway to podcast for free and then lay out the costs that I spend each month on podcasting, as well as the up-front gear costs for what I use --- just to illustrate what it could cost.

You can find my list of what I use to podcast at: gmp.fm/cost

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

Good morning podcasters. Where did my money go? How much does it cost to podcast? Hope you're having a great start to your week. My name is Fuzz Martin. And this is Good Morning {odcasters. Did you have a good weekend? We did. We went to a wedding for one of my wife's coworkers. But we're at that age where pretty much everyone who's getting married is either a co worker or an employee, and they're usually pretty young, which means it's easy for us to bow out early. Hey, why are you leaving so early? Oh, you're 40 I totally get it. Thanks for coming. It's either that or they're our age and on their second or third marriage. And at that point, they're like, Yeah, we get it. Thanks for stopping by. Anyway, it was a great weekend.

Fuzz Martin 0:42

Onto the show. Thanks for joining me for episode 24AT. That's the 24th episode after Tanner. Let's talk about how much podcasting costs. I want to do this to illustrate that there's a lot of range in what having a podcast can cost isn't meant to be a gatekeeping kind of episode. In fact, I'm going to start with how you could do it for $0. And then we'll talk about what I'm doing on this show. But first, let's break down where the costs go. There's really four categories of costs for any podcast, your recording gear, your editing gear, or software, hosting, and promoting your show. So if you wanted to do a podcast for $0, here's how you could get there. And by the way, when I say $0 That assumes things in life, which may be a privilege to some, but I think most people will have like a phone and wired headphones.

Fuzz Martin 1:38

So for gear, if you're going to do this for $0, you'll need an iPhone or an Android phone, you'll need a set of wired headphones, preferably not wireless air pods or some sort of wireless earbuds. But if that's all you got, do it. And then make sure you have a nice quiet room. Okay, so you can essentially do that with things that you likely already have. For editing software, you can download anchors app, you won't be able to edit in that but you can record in there. If you do want to record and edit on a separate piece of software, you could do so. And a program like Audacity for hosting, you're going to want to do that on Anchor if you're doing it for $0. There are some other free podcast hosts out there with free levels, but anchors the one that pretty much everybody goes with when they're talking free. And then promoting your show for free. You can do that using a free graphics editor like Canva or Adobe Express to make your shows cover graphics and perhaps some nice social media images that you could be using. And then promoted on your social channels, whichever ones you're using, whichever ones your audience is using is really where you want to go. So that's how you do podcasting for free.

Fuzz Martin 2:55

bucks, and a pair of Sony MDR:

Fuzz Martin 3:48

For editing software, I use Adobe Audition. I'm kind of double dipping with this because I use the Adobe Creative Cloud for other work things. But if you're going to buy just audition, it would be $35.99 per month through Adobe hosting, I use Captivate that's $17 a month, I use Photoshop, again part of the Creative Cloud. So let's say another $35.99 a month for my graphic editing software. The bundle for all apps for Adobe Creative Cloud is $84.99 a month I believe, but we're still below that threshold. So I'll just say 2 $35.99 subscriptions for Audition and for Photoshop. I have a paid Gmail account, which is fuzz@goodmorningpod.com If you ever want to email me, but that is 6.99 per month. I have Squarespace to host my website, I paid about $22 per month using a promo code that I heard on a podcast. Again, that's about 22 bucks a month paid annually. I use otter.ai for transcriptions, that's about $9 a month or it's 8.33 a month that comes out to about $99 annually. My domain name is $11.99 per year. And I use a bunch of other for We use software and services for things for social media, I use podinbox, goodpods, etc, some of those other kind of free software pieces that go along with the show. So rolling that all up my one time cost for gear is about $850 and my monthly costs, taking the annual costs and then spreading them into a monthly cost. I'm spending about $147.33 per month to run Good Morning Podcasters. Ouch. The good news is, I have an LLC and now thanks to this episode, I've got all my costs laid out. So when it comes time to get my taxes done, it's all right there.

Fuzz Martin 5:37

But again, podcasting doesn't have to cost that much. It's kind of like golf, right? So you can find a way to do it for cheap. You can get some hammy down clubs, and you go to a cheap course. But sometimes you want nicer clubs or you want to golf at a nicer course and you can do that. There's just a cost to it. And that's about the extent of my golf analogy because I'm not really a golfer. So now it's time for me to head off and go find some sponsors to cover that monthly cost.

Fuzz Martin 6:04

Thanks for listening to Good Morning Podcasters. Please hit the Follow button on your pod player in order to hear new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Episodes are also available at Good morning pod.com Have a great day and we'll talk to you again on Wednesday right here on Good Morning podcasters

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