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14th Dec 2022

Why Your Podchaser Profile is Important

There aren't a ton of good ways for advertisers and guest bookers to sort through the 4+ million podcasts out there, today. However, directories like Podchaser are making the task much easier. Today, we explore why it's important not only to make sure your podcast is listed on Podchaser, but also to claim it and make sure your information is up to date.

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Fuzz Martin 0:00

What's happening, podcasters? Podchaser? What is it? And why do you need to make sure that your podcast is not only listed, but claimed.

Fuzz Martin 0:12

Welcome to Good Morning, Podcasters, where we explore marketing advertising, public relations and social media topics as they relate to your show. My name is Fuzz Martin, I am a partner at EPIC Creative. That's an ad agency located in Milwaukee, which is in Wisconsin, USA. Each day, I work with brands, large and small, mostly large, to help them achieve their marketing and advertising goals. And well, podcasting isn't the biggest part of most of our clients plans. They are a growing part of their marketing strategies. We work with brands and podcasting primarily in three ways. One, finding shows that our brands can advertise their products and services on so looking for sponsorship opportunities for our brands to be the sponsors. Number two, finding shows where our clients in how subject matter experts can be guests on different podcasts. So kind of a public relations side of things. And then the third way that we work with brands here at our agency is to help them create podcasts or get their podcasts up and running. We have varying levels of that kind of work. But today, we're going to focus on the first two.

Fuzz Martin 1:27

Okay, so looking for places to advertise, and looking for places to get our clients scheduled as guests on podcasts. It's a big job. According to podcast index. As of the time I'm recording this, there are 4,085,907 podcasts. That's a lot to sort through. When it comes time for our media team to find podcasts to sponsor, there aren't a ton of great searchable indexes out there. That would make our job easier. You can't just go on to Apple podcasts and find everything that you're looking for. You certainly can't go on Spotify and do that. And while there are a lot of directories out there, there weren't any that were real good that made our job easier. Or at least there weren't. We had to find the best shows that work with our clients, audiences figured out how often they're publishing, read more about the show, find their contact information, work on organizing them and negotiating sponsorship opportunities. The same holds true for our public relations teams when our PR teams are looking to get our clients subject matter experts booked as guests on shows. We want to be able to explore the show's make sure they'd be a good fit before we reach out. So we're not wasting the podcast hosts time, our clients time or our time. Podchaser solves most of those problems for us.

Fuzz Martin 2:49

Just as a disclaimer, I was originally cold on Podchaser. In fact, I was vocally cold on pod chaser because they were purchased by Acast. And I was upset with Acast for all of the unsolicited emails that they were sending me you anybody with a podcast. In fact, I was so cold on it that at one point, I spoke with my team member who was negotiating our Podchaser deal. When I heard about Acast buying Podchaser, I told them to stop engaging and to go connect with Rephonic. Thankfully though, our rep won us over.

Fuzz Martin 3:28

And we'll just say that a few:

Fuzz Martin 5:11

And that's kind of where you come in on today's show. I guess I'm imploring you to go to Podchaser and make sure that your podcast is listed because agencies like mine are looking for podcasts, possibly like yours to advertise on. And if you don't have correct data in there, it's going to be hard to get in touch with you or even recognize that we should be advertising on your show. So go to Podchaser, make sure your podcast is listed. If it's not, you can add it and if it is listed, then make sure you claim your show. Once you have it claimed, you can go in and add a lot more data that's not available through your RSS feed, such as your social media handles additional links that are important to your show, like maybe your rate sheet and other stuff. I also like that it has an old school Myspace-like top eight that you can edit and feature on your profile. I don't think that helps anything. But it's fun and nostalgic.

Fuzz Martin 6:08

And since I'm talking about it, you might also want to make sure you're listed in Rephonic and matchmaker.fm. There's also Podcast Hawk, that's a database to get you listed as a guest, but I believe it's like 50 bucks a month for you to get listed there. And I'm not sure that is really something that you need unless perhaps you're an author or you're really looking to get yourself onto different podcasts. I'm not really sure how it connects with those looking to book guests yet. I'll add Podcast Hawk to my Trello board and possibly explore it on a future episode of Good Morning {odcasters.

Fuzz Martin 6:45

If your goal is to have sponsors, find your show, have potential guests on your show or potentially be a guest on a show. It's a great idea to make sure your podcast information is up to date in podcast directories. More and more agencies like mine are relying on directories like Podchaser to chase down podcasts for our clients. It only makes sense for you to make sure that your free listings are complete up to date and that you have your active contact information available. So if somebody wants to reach out to you, they can I will drop some of the links into our show notes.

Fuzz Martin 7:29

Thank you for listening to Good Morning, Podcasters if you'd like me to answer something for you go to gmp.fm/ask. GMP as in Good morning podcasters gmp.fm/ask That's gmp.fm/ask. Links to all the episodes are on goodmorning pod.com And that'll do it for today's show. I'll have another episode for you Friday morning right here on Good Morning podcasters

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